From: Startup Canada, May 7, 2020

Entrepreneurs and innovators are some of the most resilient people in the world.

Where other people see risk, we see opportunity. Where many feel despair, we find hope. Where most see problems, we build solutions.

So even if COVID-19 has brought you and your business to a place of uncertainty, here are 5 reasons you should attend the CANIE Awards:

1. Solidarity with your fellow entrepreneurs

Even at the best of times, It’s easy to feel alone as an entrepreneur. The CANIE Awards are an opportunity for us to come together and support each other—in spite of the challenges we’re facing.

2. See what Canada’s best and brightest have been working on

Regardless of the global pandemic, Canadian entrepreneurs and innovators are still doing amazing work. Celebrating that work can be a good reminder that there is still so much hope for the future.

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Register for regional events at the links below:

Ontario | May 28
BC | June 4
Prairies | June 11
Atlantic | June 18
Quebec | June 25