• Learn from 2022’s events to win in 2023
As the year starts to wind down, we’re taking a look back at what happened and how it can help you in 2023.

From the return of live events and tradeshows to recession fears and shrinking budgets, marketers are under more pressure to justify how dollars are spent.

“We’ve always attended this event” can no longer be the sole criterion for sponsoring the same events. You have to be smart about the events you participate in and how to get the most value from each one.

We’ve brought together the best-of-the-best event leaders to dissect all the changes and learnings from their 2022 events, and give you strategies to hit the event ground running in 2023.

Join us live on Nov 22nd for answers to all your burning questions:Are in-person conferences worth it?How can you maximize your return on investment?What would our expert panel do differently in 2023?

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