• 57% of Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs Started A Business Post-COVID-19

Whether it was a job loss, furlough, or a desire to join the Great Resignation, digital marketing entrepreneurs share their experience of launching their own businesses during a pandemic in our latest survey. What’s your #entrepreneurship story? #digitalmarketing #smallbusinessadvice

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CONGRATULATIONS! Joama Consulting Inc. has won an UpCity Best of Manitoba Award! 2022 

  • 5 Provider(s)

    1/- Sync Digital Solutions, Digital Marketing (Small, Medium, Enterprise)

    2/- Webgig Team, Web Design, (Small, Medium)

    3/- Mastery Bookkeeping & Consulting, Bookkeeping, (Small)

     4/- Joama Consulting Inc., Sourcing & Procurement, French, (Small) => https://joamaconsulting.com/blog/

    5/- Bounce Design, Advertising, (Small, Enterprise)

Joama Consulting Inc.
Winnipeg, MB, CA

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