From: River Rock Agro Farms, April 26, 2020
By: Aigbodion Ojehomon

We bring food for all at an unmatched Price. We realized being the source of your own raw material for processing gives you a better relationship with Consumers 🤐, we certainly need everyone to start eating healthy because it’s just one Life , Let’s all make it count and stop blaming our health mistakes on several beliefs but rather start eating unripe processed plantain flour for a healthier balanced Soul . Where ever located you maybe we must get to you within 48hrs within Nigeria and export maximum 4 working days.


River Rock Agro Farms aims to fill the market gaps of fresh plantain supply and processed plantain Flakes and flour in the southern, Western and Eastern parts of Nigeria. Our mission is “to deploy best practices and technology in providing healthy food every day for everyone” and this is why we have set out to grow organic products which are richer in nutrients and healthier for consumption.

Our “ Organic plantain ” product line( OWAN PLANTAIN FLOUR ) are tailored to meet the standards of both local and global markets and our systems allows us to cultivate and supply fresh plantain and processed products all year round thus filling the gaps of scarcity during the dry season capitalizing on consistent availability of produce all season . We rely on consistency, quality, proximity and competitive pricing to keep our customers happy.

On the long run, we intend to take advantage of Global export opportunities and be pioneers in plantain chips and Flour export from Sabongida ora Owan west Nigeria . Our unique value proposition is the organic nature of our products, quality specification that we adhere to and customer service .