This past year, we have experienced unparalleled disruption to our lives and our businesses due to COVID-19.

It’s more important than ever to stop, acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary entrepreneurs and innovators throughout the nation and the CANIE Awards provides the perfect opportunity to do so! Now in their second year, the CANIEs will celebrate 35 leading entrepreneurs and innovators through a nation-wide video campaign, with up to $10,000 prizes allocated to the grand finale winners. 

Apply yourself, or nominate a leader in your community by Thursday April 15th, 2021. The process is quick and completely free. 

The CANIEs includes the following awards: 
* Global Impact Award 
* Indigenous Entrepreneur Award 
* Woman Entrepreneur Award
* Product Innovation Award 
* Youth Impact Icon Award
* Black Entrepreneur Award 
* Entrepreneur of the Year 

Let’s give entrepreneurs and innovators additional support during these challenging times, and showcase their resilience on a national virtual stage. 

 If you have any questions, please feel free to follow up by email at
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