Canada is brimming with entrepreneurial talent. What better way to assess Canada’s success than seeing how we stack up? We’ve put together a list of the latest statistics on entrepreneurs in Canada to provide a quick snapshot of the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape. (…)

On a global scale, we’re one of the most international, innovative, and welcoming places to foster entrepreneurship in the world. On a national scale, we’re filled with entrepreneurial talent from all walks of life. While it’s easy to see a big numbers, it’s equally as important to remember that small businesses were one of the most hard hit during COVID-19.

The pandemic further exacerbated existing inequalities in our system and we’re still trying to navigate through these challenges. Behind every flashy statistic, there’s a human. A human who thinks big, takes risks, learns from failure, and wants to make an impact. We must continue to advocate and support marginalized communities to really make Canada an inclusive place for all.

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