Messages from: Abiy Ahmed Ali (Prime Minister of Ethiopia)

(Nov. 9, 2021)
As proud Africans, it has never been more imperative we take back the narrative about our continent. As Ethiopians, the challenges we face are further compounded by bias. In unity we need to and we can overturn this! God Bless #Ethiopia

(Nov. 9, 2021)
Some may continue trying to strip us off truth, context and recent realities, yet none can snatch away our collective dignity and unity as proud Ethiopians – as proud Africans. Stand tall, stand firm and stand together for #Ethiopia!

(Nov. 7, 2021)
#Ethiopia our beauty is in our unity. When we stand together, we can overcome anything. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors that paid great sacrifices for us and today we stand committed to laying a solid foundation for generations to come. May God Bless #Ethiopia!


  • From/ De: Ethiopian Embassy in Canada
    Ottawa, ONTARIO
    – By/Par: By: Ethiopian Embassy in Canada
    Published onPublié le: November 7 and 9, 2021