From: Export Development Canada (EDC), April 22, 2020

All sectors of Canada’s economy are affected by COVID-19. And the virus will likely be a fact of life for some time to come. That means you’ll have one more business risk factor to address. Analysis, context and data will be critical to mitigating risk and dealing with uncertainty during this period.

EDC is committed to providing the information and support needed to help you navigate COVID-19. More than that, we’re also here to help you plot a path forward, when the virus will be less prominent, and an economic recovery begins. Key to that is learning how to overcome two common obstacles facing every successful exporter – accessing cash and creating contracts. We’re here to help with that too.

Advise and assist. That’s the focus for this expanded issue of TradeInsights.

Weekly Commentary – COVID-19: The impact on industry

Let’s begin with the big picture. How is COVID-19 affecting industries across the board? In this Weekly Commentary, Peter Hall, EDC’s Vice-president and Chief Economist, uses four key factors to flag the industries hardest hit by COVID-19 and those weathering the storm.

If you’re going to confidently chart a course beyond COVID-19, you need a baseline to mark your progress.

That’s why this commentary is a good place to start.
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