From: Export Development Canada-EDC , April 09, 2020

At this point in the COVID-19 crisis, protection must be the watchword. You need to protect yourself, your loved ones, your staff, your company and your customers.

At some point, however, most forecasters predict the pandemic will pass and an economic recovery will begin. Will you be ready when it does? Will you have measures in place to manage current business risks while positioning yourself to address pent-up demand and potential for growth once business gradually returns to normal? Protect and prepare. That’s the focus for this edition of TradeInsights.

[Webinar] COVID-19: Get the financing & support your business needs

EDC’s capacity to help Canadian companies expanded under the $65-billion federal Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP). Plus, the federal government recently empowered EDC to provide financing and credit solutions to non-exporting companies. Other new assistance tools and programs are also being launched to help you protect your business. In this free webinar on April 16, you’ll learn:

* How your company can apply for assistance programs and other resources available through your bank, the federal government, and EDC

* How to determine what assistance you qualify for and the timing of when you can expect delivery

* How EDC is helping customers with more options to access capital, insurance and knowledge in our newly-expanded role

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