De: Future Leaders of Manitoba; par: Ben Maréga; 13 Déc. 2019 

Grateful to have been nominated and honoured to have been selected as a Finalist for the Future Leader of Manitoba award along with young leaders that love and push Manitoba forward. 🙏🏾

Reconnaissant d’avoir été nominé et honoré d’être sélectionné comme Finaliste à la distinction de “Future Leader of Manitoba” avec de jeunes leaders qui font rayonner notre belle province. 🙏🏾

📢 CONGRATULATIONS 📢 to our 2020 Future Leaders of Manitoba Finalists:

20-25 Category:

Whitney Hodgins
Justin Langan
Brenda Okorogba

26-32 Category:

Brandt Butt
Chris Hoquis
Sara Usman

33-39 Category:

Joseph Chaeben
Ben Maréga
Rob Tétrault

We look forward to seeing you on January 30, 2020 and finding out who the next Future Leaders of Manitoba are.