M&C Commodities will join the plant protein biz and use canola meal from their cold-pressed oils to make canola protein products

From:  Manitoba Co-operator, by Geralyn Wichers, reporter, on September 25, M&C Commodities president and CEO Carlos Melo. Photo: Supplied

A Manitoba-based company will soon join the plant-based protein craze with canola protein products.

Beausejour area crushing facility M&C Commodities has licensed a canola protein extraction technology developed in part with the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, MCGA announced Sept. 5.

“We’re proud to offer farmers another stream for canola in the marketplace,” said Carlos Melo, president and CEO of M&C Commodities in a news release. “Once branded as plant based protein using canola it becomes another channel for farmers to move their crop.”

NB: ECCA-MB and Joama Consulting are interested.

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