Our services

JOAMA CONSULTING INC. is a for-profit consulting enterprise specializing in business relationships between Manitoban, Canadian, African and the rest of the world businesses.

  • Joama Consulting accompanies and promotes activities of ECCA-MB, Canada / Africa Trade Mission
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    JOAMA CONSULTING INC. offers the following 6 services (S.R.E.F.O.P):

  • 1/- Support the corporation ECCA-MB in the follow-up and operational implementation of the conclusions of its forums and conferences, including public and private partnerships arising from these meetings.
  • 2/- Represent and support companies, on request, in their partnership actions in Manitoba, Canada, Africa and the rest of the world.
  • 3/- Ensure prospecting and market research missions for companies that request services.
  • 4/- Formalize and pursue the administrative procedures of the ECCA-MB contracts.
  • 5/- Orient African partners wishing to reside in Manitoba.
  • 6/- Promote, in its blog and platforms, the products and services of Manitoban/Canadian, African and other companies.