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ECCA forum – Canada/Africa Trade Mission, Internet Solutions, Advertising and Residence

  • ECCA forum – Canada/Africa Trade Mission
    In our forums, we organize the following activities:

    * Consultation and Representation
    * ECCA Economic Conference
    * Networking, B2B and signing agreements
    * Meetings and prospecting visit
    * Audiences
    * Advertising on its platforms

    The ECCA-Canada / Africa Trade Mission Forum is a meeting place for economic activities, followed by tourist and cultural relaxation, organized by Joama Consulting, with the support of partners from governmental and private entities, in a city of Canada, mainly in Western Canada, or in Africa.

    It enables Canadian, African and diverse entrepreneurs and economic operators to meet face-to-face, B2B, to discuss projects and create diverse partnerships for the benefit of their respective entities, with a view to concluding agreements and taking advantage of market opportunities.

    Possessing a substantial address book in the business world of Canada, Africa and others, we are therefore able to find you appropriate characters according to your needs, we are therefore able to find you appropriate characters according to your needs, by accompanying you with confidentiality, respect and professionalism in various sectors of activities such as: 1-Advanced Manufacturing, 2-Aerospace, 3-Agribusiness , 4-Creative Industries, 5-Education, 6-Energy and Environment, 7-Financial Services, 8-Information and Communication Technologies, 9-Biological Sciences, 10- Minerals and Mining, 11-Tourism, 12-Transportation and Distribution, …

    With a team of associates, economic development experts and reliable partners, we offer you a specialized consulting and representation service in the development of these new markets between Canada, Africa and the rest of the world…. Learn More

  • Internet solutions (Domain, hosting, email pro, site, …)
    Our support to companies and administrations also involves offering a range of opportunities for our Internet Solutions, for the performance of your local or international communication tools, in the following areas: Hosting, Domain, Website, Professional Email , Shop, Applications and Marketing. Our goal is to enhance the local and international communication capabilities of your entity in the face of the current challenge of high technology, …Learn More
  • PCAC-Advertising and African/Canadian Culture 
    With African and Canadian collaborators, our enterprise is also involved in the advertising and promotion of various fields of activity between Canada and Africa. It offers advertising space on its website and social networks for your products and services regardless of country, language, race, or religion.
    It is also interested in organizing conferences on books, arts and culture in Africa / Canada, including mixed cultural nights as the PCAC-Advertising and African/Canadian Culture.
  • Manitoba Residency (Business and Families)
    Encourage business people and others interested in doing business in Canada to choose Western Canada, particularly Manitoba, to reside in this region rich in economic diversity. To accompany them closely towards entities, characters, appropriate links, sure and official.It provides support, guidance, orientation and hospitality in Manitoba for your permanent residence. Its contribution prevents you from falling into the traps of many inappropriate networks that can cause you many worries and high or inappropriate expenses.
    For this residential component in Manitoba, our enterprise is also interested in home delivery services.