Our services

Our enterprise, Joama Consulting, makes PRPR:
Promotion of the activities of ECCA-MB – Trade Exchanges Canada / Africa, Representation and Training, Advertising and Residence.

  • (P) Promotion of activities of ECCA-MB, Canada / Africa Trade Mission.
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  • (R) Representation, negotiation, visits, meetings and training
    * With a mandate letter issued by the client, Joama Consulting offers support services to ECCA-MB, Canada / Africa Trade Mission, to clients wishing to make more personalized follow-ups for their projects, products and services with partners in Canada or Africa.

    * We do negotiation and representation, conduct exploratory visits, meetings with companies, and audiences with authorities according to clients’ needs.

    * In collaboration with specialized partners, we support in training and seminars according to the sectors of activity of our clients. 

  • (P) Advertising, Culture and Literature

With African and Canadian collaborators, our enterprise is also involved in various other business areas between Canada and Africa, including advertising, culture and literature.

It’s interested in organizing conferences on books, arts and African / Canadian culture, including cultural evenings.

It offers advertising space on its website and social networks (8 platforms in Joama Consulting, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) for multi-dimensional and multicultural products and services.

  • (R) Manitoba Residency and Local Transportation in Winnipeg

* Our enterprise encourages business people and others interested in doing business in Canada to choose Western Canada, particularly Manitoba, to reside in this region rich in economic diversity. It’s introduces them to entities, links and appropriate characters.

It does so in accompaniment, follow-up, orientation and reception for a visit or residence in Manitoba.

Its contribution prevents you from falling into the traps of many inappropriate networks that can cause you many worries and high or inappropriate expenses.

Our enterprise is also interested in partnering or collaborating with local private transportation companies or home delivery companies in Winnipeg, such as TappCar, Uber, SkpTheDishes, ….