About Us

We are a dedicated team for the development of business, economic, arts and cultural business opportunities between Canada, Africa and the rest of the world.

With the support of associates, advisors, economic partners and specialized collaborators, we invite you to join our vision and mission.


  • A Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • A Vice President (External Relations)
  • Associate (Accounting Clerk)
  • A Development Projects Advisor for Africa
  • An Advisor in Administration
  • Various collaborators and partners in entrepreneurship of
    governmental and private entities.

    Justin Ondo Assoumou
    Founder & CEO
    Joama Consulting / ECCA-MB
    BIO-ENG-Justin Ondo
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Benefiting from services of Joama Consulting and ECCA-MB, Canada-Africa Trade Mission from Manitoba, ensures visible results quickly in your turnover by putting you in direct contact with reliable partners related to your sector activity. Our goal is to become a reliable partner that fits into your company’s long-term project.


Joama Consulting and ECCA-MB, Canada-Africa Trade Mission from Manitoba, supported by its partners, has as its mission to be on the one hand your business coach with entrepreneurs and traders from Canada, Africa and other parts of the world.

On the other hand, we accompany our clients in the conquest of new international markets with the aim of reaching signature of agreements.

We are therefore challenged to make available these opportunities, a goal tailored to your needs.


Joama Consulting / ECCA-MB
323 Riverton Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2L ON5
Tél: (204) 869-6652
Email: info@joamaconsulting.com