Joama Consulting Inc.

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Western Canada), in the heart of North America, it is a key component of the mid-continent economic diversification corridor, the enterprise Joama Consulting, Founder of the non-profit organization ECCA-MB, Canada-Africa Trade Mission from Manitoba, with the support of economic partners, links Canada to a central North American market of 100 million people and the rest of the world.

Strategically, our success will allow us to open many markets between Canada and Africa, on the one hand, and with the rest of the world on the other, where we will be very active in the world of small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large companies.

Canada has significant leading industries in all regions and appropriate professionals. Canada also has the confidence, the competence, the reliability of its products and services, …

Africa is a vast continent with 54 countries in cultural and economic diversity, owns raw materials, natural resources, skilled labor, availability, …

Hence our involvement in promoting and supporting a win-win partnership. This is our main objective, which will increase these two-way Canada / Africa bilateral trade, and will bring increases in the international trade revenue of your entities.

We offer our services to enterprises / companies, governments, diplomatic representations, investors, economic operators and artists from Canada, Africa and even other continents.