From: Export Development Canada (EDC), By: Jose Recinos, Senior Trade Advisor, March 24, 2020

Securing financing for international growth is one of the biggest challenges Canadian companies face. But with the right working capital solutions, you can go far.

In fact, nearly 30% of all Canadian service exporters say they’re ready to take on new lucrative opportunities over the next two years.

Here are five ways working capital can help your business grow:

Diversify: Get financing to explore international sales opportunities or invest in new markets.
Build capacity: Take on foreign contracts that require you to hire more talent or purchase new equipment.
Expand operations: Acquire a foreign company, open a new international office, or expand your existing operations in a foreign market.
Manage work in progress: Meet current financial demands and still have room to take on the next opportunity.
Avoid a cash crunch: Manage up-front costs for international contracts while waiting to get paid.

Learn how EDC can help your business access more money with working capital solutions.